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Maximum Hummingbird Attraction Tips

May 08, 2009 2 min read

Welcome to the first issue of newsletter. By presenting different options for providing habitat, and featuring the most unique yet functional birding supplies for your feathered friends, we strive to provide helpful tips and tricks to enhance your backyard birding experience. We'd love to hear feedback or see any pictures of our products in please forward along to us:

Happy Birding!

The Birdhouse Chick
Beth Wheeler

Misters and Drippers to Attract Hummingbirds
If you enjoy feeding and watching hummingbirds, read on...
Hummingbirds love moving water, and they require a bit more bathing time than other birds as sticky, sugary sap from flowers wreaks havoc on tiny feathers.

They're are one of the most anticipated of all migratory birds. Admired for their minute size, daring acrobatics, sharp buzzing sounds, and sweet chirping songs, folks hang nectar feeders, and plant certain flowers in hopes of attracting as many of them as possible.

But aside from feeders and habitat, there are a few items that will maximize hummingbird attraction in your yard. Misters and Drippers, as in Leaf Misters, are absolutely adored by hummingbirds, plus butterflies and warblers love them too.  On very warm days, hummingbirds will flit back and forth through the gentle spray, they remember where these are, and return daily to bathe and play in the mist. Misters are available in different models and may be used in a bird bath, or set on a branch, or tree limb, staked in the ground, or even hung off a deck or porch railing with a metal bracket--like we use them at home.

View some fantastic hummingbird bathing using birdbath drippers and fountains

Hummer Helper Nesting Material Designed Specifically for Hummingbirds

The new Hummer Helper is nesting material designed specifically for Hummingbirds. It comes in an attractive red basket with hanging chain and has refills available. Hummer Helper has even been endorsed by the Hummingbird Society.  
"It is aimed at encouraging hummingbird nesting in a natural way.  It has the potential to help you bring in more hummers, where you can observe them, and then to increase the odds that they will nest near you. The latter also assures more fledglings will visit your hummingbird feeders. And since hummers practice site fidelity-and return to the same site every year, you could see an increasing number of hummingbirds in the future."

Finches and other songbirds are known to use this nesting material as well. Hang some Hummer Helper in your yard to encourage nesting for multiple species of wild birds.

Easy Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

More Bathing Hummingbirds in Action

Misters and Drippers

Hummer Helper Nesting Material