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Drinks are on Us...
 with stunning baths for birds to drink, bathe and wade. You'll entice more feathered friends to your place in no time at all!
Fresh water is the best way to attract more species for better bird watching! Some birds who may never visit a feeder will be attracted to fresh water. Welcome Spring and migratory birds with fresh water and nesting materials.


What's the best kind of bird bath to use?

Pedestal, Hanging & Deck-Mount, Oh My!
It's the one you will maintain! Fresh water in a clean bath is the key. Be it hanging, pedestal, deck-mount or ground style, we've got the perfect bath for any spot! Handcrafted in stoneware, copper, ceramics and more, you'll find quality birdbaths and accessories to last a lifetime!

Birds tend to bathe naturally at ground level, but if cats roam nearby, this is not a good choice! Hanging baths are much better suited. The optimal water depth for birds to bathe and wade comfortably is about two inches. If your bath is deeper, consider placing a large rock in the center for birds to safely land and perch.

Birds find fresh water so very inviting, imagine what moving water will do for birds and your yard! With water wigglers, birdbath fountains and drippers or leaf misters, you'll greatly increase the amount of activity, plus the sight and sound of moving water relaxes and soothes the soul

Hummingbirds and butterflies especially love the gentle spray of innovative and versatile leaf misters. With several installation possibilities, from a porch rail, or attached to a simple garden stake, the daily activity of butterflies and hummingbirds is simply mesmerizing!

Moving water can even hang... a solar-powered birdbath fountain not only looks great, but guarantees to entice many new visitors. Whether novice or seasoned professional, birdbath solutions will abound!

Offer Nesting Materials-  How to DIY

Shortly after the crocus bloom-so starts the nesting season for several songbirds! Eastern Bluebirds, Cardinals, House Finches and others are busy scouting suitable digs to raise their young.  Offer birds a variety of nest materials to encourage nest building in your yard. The Birdie Bell (shown here) is packed with some of birds' favorites! It's swell for year-round use too, offering seed bells and suet in winter, and a variety of fruit in summer.

Several cool nesting kits are available with refills, but you can easily create your own with some common items found around your home. Pet hair is a favorite for soft fluffy nests. If you happen to have pets, save the hair that accumulates in their brush.

Decorative mosses (found in silk floral arrangements and potted plants) are another keeper for wild birds. Bright cotton yarns, and feathers are some favorite materials but steer clear of dryer lint... it's just not natural to birds. Keep cotton yarn and strand-type mosses cut short to prevent birdie feet getting tangled up, this can actually be fatal to a nestling.

DIY nest materials like those above may be offered in a standard suet cage, or even a mesh produce bag from the grocery store (like the kind apples come in). Simply fill the cage or bag with collected materials and hang from a branch where birds will spot it easily.

Here's a nesting material pouch we made from one of those produce bags... the birds tore it up! We've discovered that horse hair is wildly popular for nest building. After offering some last year, the mesh bags' content was almost gone in a matter of weeks!

Free with your order ...we'll send you some "favorite" materials to create a useful nesting package for your own avian amigos! Help local birds thrive and flourish by offering nesting materials, fresh water and birdhouses early in the season.   

Cool Bluebird Houses and Feeders
With lifetime durability, vinyl birdhouses have never been more affordable. This Vinyl Bluebird House is hand crafted with superb quality and features a coated aluminum roof in three color options. NABS approved, it's an attractive Bluebird House that will host many successful broods over the years. Although a general rule of thumb is 100 feet between bluebird nest boxes, placing two boxes approximately 15 to 30 feet apart will in many cases, eliminate competition for the house.

The new Carolina Bluebird House is constructed in durable vinyl and NABS approved. Complete with predator guard, nestlings have a much better chance for a successful fledge!

An innovative Bluebird Feeder, this one offers a better view of your bluebirds enjoying meal worms. With built-in weather guard and squirrel baffle, the caged design denies access by larger, pesky birds, while the large baffle protects birds and food from the elements.

If you're having little success attracting Bluebirds, go for the gusto and try their very favorite... live meal worms. Available in bulk quantities, they're best offered in a protected feeder, otherwise you'll see them disappear quickly.

Coveted by many birds, mealworms are a special treat packed with great flavor and high protein.
For more information on Bluebirds, visit the North American Bluebird Society (NABS).

Welcome Spring and Happy Birding!
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