Bluebird Houses

Holiday Gift Idea 7: Bluebird Houses

There's a really good reason they're deemed "Bluebird of Happiness"

Why give a bluebird birdhouse in December? It's always a good time to lure these family oriented birds as they're some of the earliest scouts and the first to nest. Typically brooding 2 to 3 clutches per season, there's sheer wonder in monitoring a nest box (recommended) and watching juveniles help raise younger siblings.

 Get someone hooked on bluebirds! 

With side, top or front monitor, these USA handmade bluebird houses are approved by the North American Bluebird Society (NABS).

Gilbertson Nest Box
Gilbertson Nest Box
Handmade USA

Side Monitor Bluebird House
Cedar Bluebird House
Handmade USA

Bluebird Manor Bluebird House
Handmade USA

Ideal Bluebird Accessories:
Gift Book Complete Guide to Attracting Bluebirds
Bluebird Feeders Hanging and post-mounted styles

Care for something with a bit more grandeur? Go for the dovecote!

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