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Gift Idea 9- Suet & Finch Feeders that Won't Break the Bank

December 11, 2016 1 min read

Gift Idea 9- Suet & Finch Feeders that Won't Break the Bank

Gift Guide Day 9- Suet and Finch Feeders

Let them branch out from boring seed mixes to entice more feathered friends!

Check these fun feeders for long-lasting gifts that get seen and used daily... without breaking the bank!

Finch and suet bird feeders make an awesome gift for any backyard birder from novice to extreme. Ideal also for those who dig gardening as they leave no waste. They up the ante on visiting species and offer variety over standard birdseed mixes.

For gifting a suet feeder, print out these easy recipes on pretty paper to give along with the feeder... it's a swell gift indeed!

For thistle feeders, add a cotton nest ball for more spring activity or pick up a small bag of nyjer seed... they even sell it in some of the bigger grocery stores now!

So here we go, two finch and two suet feeders that won't break the bank!

The Quad Suet Feeder and Recycled Tail Prop

Quad Suet FeederRecycled Tail Prop Suet Feeder

Rainbow Finch Feeder and 1 qt. Thistle Feeder

Rainbow Finch FeederThistel Feeder with roof and tray