Gift Idea 7- Church Birdhouses or Rustic Bird House

Gift Idea 7- Church Birdhouses or Rustic Bird House

Gift Idea 7- Church Birdhouses or Rustic Style

Because most are one-of-a-kinds

Seeking a totally unique gift this holiday season? Find distinctive church birdhouses that are handmade and likely one-of-a-kind.

Barn wood and other reclaimed materials are used along with vintage hardware, the designs are unique and quite bird-friendly!

Nest clean-outs, drainage & ventilation, proportioned entry and floor... this is important stuff to a bird seeking new digs to raise their family. Yet the ironic thing (to us anyway) is that most folks display them inside for unusual decor.

Four new church birdhouses just in, with features birds love and fab color for a striking accent as well, bird house collectors love these! Aged tin roofs are sealed for durability outdoors, salvaged barn wood will be around for many seasons of successful broods! Pole- or post-mount, they offer feathered friends an ideal roosting spot during the off-season too.

New Church Birdhouses

On a more elaborate scale, this deep red rustic church makes a fine statement indoors or in the garden. With a scrolling oversize detailed cross and real ringing bell, any bluebird would be elated to claim this sanctuary as their own!

As far as gifting? We're fairly sure the recipient would be stoked to receive such a unique piece of art for their feathered friends. Pssst... this one's on sale as there's seven churches up for grabs!

Another rustic birdhouse which is very bird-friendly is the log-front style. Several designs, each being unique and one-of-a-kind as they originate from Mother Nature herself!

Also handcrafted from old barn wood and tin, log sections are chosen for the deep knots used for entries. They create natural predator guards which help keep nests and babies safe from thieving paws of squirrels, raccoons or cats. They also replicate the natural cavities found in trees and snags where birds (without birdhouses) will nest!

Log-front birdhouses are equally suited for garden pole, 4x4 post or back-mounted on a fence or structure. Entries measure about 1.5-inches so they're ideal for Eastern bluebirds, tree swallows, downy woodpeckers and other usual suspects! Deep predator guard thwarts bully birds like starlings, while effectively shielding nestlings from elements.

It might even be a tough choice when choosing a church birdhouse or log-front design for the perfect gift... but we promise birds will adore them all and they're bound to become a most popular nest site for many years to come!
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So many birdhouses and so little time...
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