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Gift Idea 8- Recycled Metal Yard Art

December 01, 2016 1 min read

Gift Idea 8- Recycled Metal Yard Art

Gift Guide Day 8- Recycled Metal Yard ArtBecause the grass is always greener and urban dwellers dream of the farm!

Cows, and goats and chickens, oh my!  Fun stuff for the garden, metal yard art rocks for it's uniqueness and charming personality.

    Colorful Rooster Metal Yard ArtFind some colorful rustic roosters, rockin' chickens (who literally rock), pigs who fly (and those who don't), even a Chihuahua Metal Yard Sculpture. This one's so ugly he's actually adorable!

    Two Old Crows Kinetic Garden Stake might be ideal for the parents or grands, while the Kingfisher with Catch would be a kick for the birding enthusiast on the water. No two sculptures are ever exactly alike as they're handcrafted in Mexico from scrap metal.

      Chihuahua Metal Yard Art


      Metal Billy Goat Garden Critter 




      Rooster with Trumpet Yard Art

      Billy Goat's a real hoot- even better when paired with a buddy, simply because life's better with a friend at your side.

      Jammin' Roosters are large colorful sculptures yielding trumpet or fiddle, perfectly suited for the one who may jam (some sense of humor required).

      The scrap metal will weather over time (rust) and some folks do prefer that old and gnarly look. Color may be preserved by applying a clear coat spray every year. Not polyurethane, just plain old clear coat does the trick.

      When pondering a unique gift for the gardening type, consider first if they're into the bird feeding thing. Most are because the hobbies go hand in hand. But some... maybe not so much? This is when a piece of unique garden art could very well be a fab choice for the one who has everything!

      Spotted Cows Garden Art
      Adopt a cow, goat or chicken this holiday season... no farm chores necessary!