Holiday Gift Guide- Unique Birdhouses

Gift Idea 1- Unique Birdhouse... of course!

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1- Unique BirdhousesWe're starting the gift guide early again.. because there's so many birdhouses and so little time!

We may not have the partridge, and he/she definitely won't use a birdhouse... lots of other resident birds will! Offering birds shelter has real purpose and lasting value, especially for any nature-buff on your list! Priced affordably to lavish and higher end, you can bet these gifts will last for many seasons of successful broods, plus our selection is fun to browse.

Wooden Owl BirdhouseEven during the off-season, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, bluebirds, wrens and others will find birdhouses as a cozy roost for cold nights. Cardinals, jays, robins and goldfinches won't use a birdhouse... but you can still attract them with nesting materials and roosts... or one of our upcoming gift suggestions!

Why bother with a birdhouse at holiday?

It's actually an awesome time to install one because bluebirds (for example) are one of the earliest scouts to start claiming their nest boxes. As early as February, and regardless of weather, these friendly fliers lay claim to territories and start attempting to attract a mate. Watch for the fun wing-tip and listen for their song!

Gilberston Nest Box for Bluebrds
In order to get birds to actually nest in a new birdhouse, timing is critical. New digs should be made available way before nesting season. The new house must be discovered and claimed by said resident, and approved by its mate!

So many cool birdhouses... so little time!

Find handmade pottery birdhouses and one-of-kind rustic houses too. Church birdhouses crafted of vintage and reclaimed materials and carved wooden houses in the shape of cats, birds and more. The copper & vinyl classics with fine architectural elements bring lasting beauty to the landscape, while whimsical styles add a colorful splash to the garden.

Regardless of style, our unique birdhouse selection makes it fun and easy to match the recipient's taste for a meaningful and super fun holiday gift!

Rustic Barn Wood & Tin BirdhousesWhimsical and Mod BirdhousesCopper Roof-Vinyl BirdhouseFat Cat Wooden Birdhouse