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New Bluebird Feeder Has Been Around for Years

February 24, 2020

You may know the name for his famous nest boxes, but The Gilbertson bluebird feeder has actually been around for years. Recently manufactured and updated, it's constructed of poly-lumber (or recycled plastic) to last a lifetime.

Gilbertson Bluebird feeder

Sans the usual cage style which some birds are reluctant to use, it's the 4-sided open design that's most appealing to bluebirds. Larger bully birds are unable to enter this hanging bluebird feeder. Yay!

Starlings, mockingbirds, robins and grackles can be painful around meal worms because huge beaks scoop up worms in seconds flat. They're also known to pester and chase bluebirds away from feeders.  Blocking access causes these birds to give up after a while. Live worms are expensive and you're just trying to feed your blues!

The feeder may also be pole mounted using a simple flange that attaches to bottom and then to pole. Same goes for post-mounting although the 4x4 flange is different.

The plans below were drawn by Fred Stille, Sr. back in 2013. Slightly modified for current construction, the original design was indeed Steve's process. For the brave at heart... here are the plans below to build your own. To see this bluebird feeder in use- please check the video!

Original Bluebird Feeder Plans



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