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Protect Your Flock In these Strange Times...

March 15, 2020 2 min read

Protect Your Flock in Strange Times

Shut-downs, no travel, school's closed... how strangely sad for society today.

After hearing about all that we're not supposed to do in order to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic... luckily and so thankfully we can still go outside!

Our backyards also serve as our personal sanctuary with bird watching and tending to gardens offering relief from everyday chaos and stress. That couldn't be more true today, and you're absolutely safe there.

Stock up on bird food, make your own suet, build or buy a new birdhouse. Repair old birdhouses because nesting season is upon us. Working in the yard? Create a brush pile to benefit birds and other wildlife. It needn't be huge, just a pile of discarded leaves, branches and twigs from around the yard piled up in a far corner. This provides shelter and forage for many species. Take a glance over time, you'll likely see some bird activity.

Head over to the nursery and grab some native plants. You can bet they're still still stocked.. unlike grocery stores with empty shelves where toilet paper, milk and bread once sat plentiful.

What's with the hoarding anyway, is this really the zombie apocalypse? If inclined to think so, let's hope you're wrong. At our local Sam's, a person was clobbered over the head for taking the last bottled water!

Ever wonder if it's nature fighting back? Enough's been ruined, there's too many of everything on a planet which no longer can sustain. Basically we've choked the oceans with plastic, we're going backwards with water and air quality, and so called wildlife services continues to decimate innocent animals being caught in traps. That's called collateral damage- yeah, right :(  Is it not concerning when Antarctica reaches 65 degrees? Without being at all political- these are some pressing issues.

Below was found on social media, 10 great ideas (sans the birding ones above) should you be stuck at home. And like he says- this too shall pass.

Top 10 Things to do at home during Corona virus