Bird Feeder Gifts

Presents of Presence with Bird Feeder Gifts

Chaotic holidays are now behind us and a new decade beckons for more peace, more calm and more joy. Because today is National Bird Day (yes, the calendar say so) we thought mentioning bird feeders for the soul would be a good one!

Check this appropriate post recently found on social media:
Bird Feeder Gift

The why behind this... might just be magic!

Sure, it can be a real pain at times trekking through snow to keep feeders clean or scooping out wet birdseed after rain. But we do it… for our feathered friends. Or rather, we convince ourselves we do it for the birds!

Backyard bird feeding has grown into a major national past-time with hundreds of birding groups on social media. For various reasons behind wanting to attract backyard birds, it affords a simple and sometimes elusive joy for the soul.

Rewards are ten-fold. Just ask anyone hosting bluebirds or purple martins who’s witnessed a brood fledge. Or the person who’s just experienced their first hummingbird moment. Mesmerizing would be an understatement.

Like gardening (which aligns with creating welcoming habitat for winged ones) it's the hidden promise of tomorrow we find so appealing. We feed birds partly in hopes of seeing them nest in our yards as we know their natural habitats continue to shrink. So it becomes in part, a feel-good kind of endeavor.

The other reason is that simple connection to nature. It’s intrinsic, universal, unplugged, uncluttered, sans the daily chaos. Keeping one in the present- it's almost a zen-like state for many. Stealing those few moments to be still and observe... it might well be the most relaxing part of the day!

Keep bird feeders in mind when stumped for a wonderfully useful gift that’s long-lasting. And not just for holidays or birthdays… unique bird feeders will “offer solace in times of grief”. That’s a direct quote from a customer review, the recipient was comforted by a most thoughtful gift that was able to bring some joy. It’s also where “cardinals appear when angels are near” came from as well as the belief that hummingbirds might just be angels!

First thing on the list this chilly morning? Filling bird feeders of course!

Wishing you a happy & healthy 2020 filled with feathered friends!