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Fruit, Jelly & Meal Worm Feeders

Unique fruit, jelly and mealworm feeders to attract Bluebirds, Orioles, and other songbirds. For a close up view-check out the platform style window feeders too!Whether hanging, staked, or window-mount, has offers a great selection of reasonably priced fruit, jelly and mealworm feeders.

Vibrant colors and unique designs to enhance your your surroundings, with quality to last for years of use and enjoyment. Attract more songbirds by offering nesting materals and a fresh water source and encourage them to stick around.

Be sure to check out our other wild bird feeders and bird bath accessories like the mister-dripper combo. Songbirds will frequent your yard daily to enjoy a fine mist, and they make wonderful and lasting gifts for any nature enthusiast too!