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Oriole Feeder Combo Packge


Oriole Bird Feeders & Accessories Combo
Attract Orioles with these great feeders and bird accessories.
Combo Package includes:
• 2 Oriole bird feeders
• 2 Orange ant moats to protect feeders from ants
• Brush kit for easy cleaning
• Tips brochure for attracting Orioles to your yard.

One deluxe feeder is large capacity (48 oz.) with 3 Feeding stations, and Bee/Wasp guards. Pole mount or hang, with flat top for easy filling. Generous Large mouth, and snap apart base for easy cleaning. And get the new Jelly Jam Feeder with large orange blossom really grabs Orioles' attention! Fits your 10-12 oz. jelly or jam jars and baby food jars too.

Everything you need to attract and enjoy Orioles in your yard.
Oriole Feeders also attract Catbirds, Flickers, Woodpeckers, Cactus Wrens and even Chickadees.