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Hanging Tray Bird Feeder w/ Stake


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Rustic Hanging Feeder in aged metal offers fruit or suet above a large open tray.

Decorative bird and finial top hanger create a cool accent for garden and feathered friends. Large tray even works with fresh water to entice more visitors. Open dish style offers versatility for changing up treats; accommodates seed mixes, suet crumbles or nuggets, peanuts or more fruit for migratory friends in summer. Place a small dish on the tray with mealworms or grape jelly to entice orioles or bluebirds.

Sturdy chain and hook make for easy placement, hang from a branch, garden pole or deck bracket. Country French style blends and complements most garden settings.

Measures 23" tall x 12" diameter
Item Weight 1.0 lb.

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