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Super Dome Bird Feeder


Great Bluebird Feeder for mealworms!

The Super Dome is an all-purpose bird feeder, constructed of high-impact polycarbonate-won't yellow.
Features convenient, removable coated-wire suet holders, and weather-resistant dome that keeps food dry and protects the birds while feeding. Dispense the type of seed, feed or suet that attracts the birds that you want to visit your yard. Two separate feeding compartments in this versatile hanging bird feeder lets you feed meal worms, fruit, jelly, peanuts, sunflower, safflower or any blend of seed.

The perfect bird feeder to attract birds to your yard year-round. Includes dome, base and suet log holders. Lifetime guarantee.

Measures: 10.5" diameter x 13.25" tall by BirdsChoice