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Weathered Fly-Thru Feeder

Hanging bird feeder adds rustic charm while enticing feathered friends to your place!

Multi-use feeder features two decorative birdies with graceful slope shape roof and large hanging ring for easy placement.

Ideal design offers excellent versatility for changing up treats to attract more of your favorite backyard fliers! Seed mixes, suet and crumbles, peanuts, mealworms, even fruit remains protected as roof shelters food and birds from the elements.

Unique garden decor too, place a candle inside to add ambience or fanciful flowers arranged in cottage style. Succulents are a perfect fit, even twinkle lights for a magical accent.

Fly-thru bird feeder with airy and open space offers great views with easy entry/exit for a wider variety of birds.

Measures 18" tall x 9" diameter
Item Weight 1.2 lb
Material: Metal