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Dovecote Birdhouse is a Big Daddy Father's Day Gift! May 19 2019

Searching for a really special gift for Dad this year?

Look no further if he happens to enjoy wild birds and/or the garden! Superb dovecote birdhouses offer timeless beauty while hosting feathered friends. Designed by an architect, the curb appeal is instant, they're works of art to last a lifetime because vinyl is impervious to the elements.

Dovecote Birdhouse with Rotted WoodMany folks still swear by wood- though we're seeing a decrease of birdhouses being made of wood. Since the housing market controls costs, it's becoming more difficult and more expensive to source. Maybe natural but wood wears. Over the years we've seen and heard about plenty of these architectural birdhouses sadly succumbing to the elements.

USA made of durable vinyl/PVC, our copper roof dovecote birdhouses actually look like wood. In fact we've had several customers tell us "I ordered a vinyl birdhouse but received a wood one instead". There's a great testament alone! Ranging from small to estate-size, these fine bird houses will grace the landscape with timeless beauty and elegance - we even guarantee it.

As for the roof- copper stays bright & and shiny for four to five years, aging gracefully to a weathered dark brown patina. The aged green patina finish is to die for, the images don't do them any justice at all! The hand-applied acid wash is created with heat to produce an earth-toned, mottled effect which remains indefinitely.

Dovecote Birdhouses for Father's Day

But don't delay, each dovecote birdhouse is made to order and takes about 2=3 days for shipping. And listen up: if you're lucky enough to still have your own father around, spend time with him this Father's Day. Celebrate his nurturing way and all that's he's done for you growing up... you know, all the little stuff that's taken for granted. And above all, show Dad your appreciation... dovecote birdhouse or not!

If you've delayed, an e-gift card will let dad choose his favorite birdhouse. Actually, gift certificates provide a most unique and really fun shopping experience which we can promise to be personal and friendly!

A big advantage to shopping small, just check our stellar testimonials over the years (11.5 to be exact) for personal service that's above and beyond most of the other online birdhouse stores because we still have a passion for what we do!

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