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Birding Tips and Resources

Gift Idea 6- Copper/Vinyl Birdhouse November 24 2016

A most impressive gift from small to tall, our copper roof birdhouses range from bluebird houses to purple martin mansions.

Gift Idea 5- Edible Birdhouses & Festive Seed Treats November 23 2016

Gifting an Edible Birdhouse like the Bed & Breakfast or Wren Casita is really like two gifts-in-one!

Gift Idea 4- Bluebird House- a good one! November 20 2016

Give them bluebirds... well, at least a decent house that's NABS Approved!

Gift Idea 3- Copper Bird Feeder November 15 2016

Know someone who's serious into feeding the birds?

Gift Idea 2- Garden Statuary, Chimes & Yard Art November 11 2016

Because being outdoors promotes sanity and relieves life's chaos, you can actually give some peace of mind and aesthetics wrapped up one cool gift... that lasts!

Gift Idea 1- Unique Birdhouse... of course! October 14 2016

Offering birds shelter has real purpose and lasting value, especially for any nature-buff on your list!

Try a Window Bird Feeder... for Your Cat! February 21 2016

And it's all very good as the feline is rightly within his own confines, yet able to witness and experience the great outdoors and wildlife safely - without maiming or killing!