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Birding Tips and Resources

Dovecote Birdhouse is a Big Daddy Father's Day Gift! May 19 2019

Look no further for the most awesome Father's Day should he happen to enjoy wild birds and/or the garden! Superb dovecote birdhouses offer timeless beauty while

Innovative Bird Feeder Really Keeps Seed Dry! April 15 2019

April showers make a mess of bird feeders... except this one!

Holiday Gift Guide for Birders, Gardeners and Artsy Folks! October 13 2018

For birders, gardeners and those who love quirky nature-theme decor... find the most unique birdhouses, cool bird feeders

Earth Day and Mother's Day Equals Mother Earth! April 23 2017

Save the trees please... the Best Gifts for Mom are Gentle on Mother Earth!

Not all birdhouses are created equal. Many on the market require newly sourced lumber, but thankfully the trend has shifted to reclaimed wood

Best Garden Gifts for Valentine's Day February 06 2017

The great outdoors always brings a sense of calm and relaxation, it's just soothing for the soul to be among nature. Whether rafting down a rapids, hiking, or just chilling in own your yard.

Gift Idea 11- The Gift of Zen Sculptures & Chimes December 17 2016

Because being outdoors promotes sanity...

Gift Idea 10- A Hanging Bird Bath to Soothe the Soul December 15 2016

Even if they have no yard at all... you can get someone hooked on birds by gifting a cool hanging bird bath!

Gift Idea 9- Suet & Finch Feeders that Won't Break the Bank December 11 2016

Check these fun feeders for long-lasting gifts that get seen and used daily... without breaking the bank!

Gift Idea 8- Recycled Metal Yard Art December 01 2016

Cows, and goats and chickens, oh my!  Fun stuff for the garden, metal yard art rocks for it's uniqueness and charming personality.

Gift Idea 7- Church Birdhouses or Rustic Bird House November 26 2016

Seeking a totally unique gift this holiday season? Find distinctive church birdhouses that are handmade and likely one-of-a-kind.