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Frog Sculpture with Dragonfly

Recycled Frog with Dragonfly gives garden art a new twist!

Large metal frog sculpture with catch of the day brings smiles to all who pass his way. Made from world-wide junk, Fred Conlon crafts some pretty wicked pieces- and his Bug Plug is too whimsical.

Spark plug dragonfly is perched atop a very outstretched tongue via magnet, just waiting for down the hatch... or perhaps deep conversation? Nah, he's lunch for sure!

Bug Plug Frog is unique yard art with a humorous twist. Unique sculpture with style all its own, makes a fab accent anywhere in the landscape, an awesome gift for the nature-lover with everything.

Garden sculpture will turn a patina-rusty finish. May be sprayed with clear enamel if new silver finish is preferred. Each frog is signed by the artist.

Measures 19" L x 16" W x 10.5" H
Item Weight 7.0 lb.
Material: Recycled Metal, Salvage
USA Made