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Jumbo Holiday Thistle Sock

Entice finches and more for a holiday feast with our festive Thistle Sock!

Colorful thistle (or nyjer) feeders make your yard feel like Christmas.
Contrasting thistle sock brightens up the garden on the dreariest days of winter while keeping birds fat and happy!

As goldfinches' shy demeanor rarely sees them competing for food, these innovative socks work great should your finch feeder get a little crowded.

Thistle sock features a velcro closure at the top for easy filling and serves as a reliable seal to prevent spillage. Feed Goldfinches year round to enjoy their vibrant yellow plumage in summer.

Birds cling to the nylon sack while feeding– they're able to feed upside down too. Simply hang from tree branch or hook with attached cord. Squirrels usually leave thistle feeders in peace since not particularly fond of the tiny black seeds.

Thistle may also attracts tree sparrows, chipping sparrows, chickadees, juncos, towhees, house finches, indigo buntings, pine siskins and more. Holds approx.1.5 quarts.

Dimensions 14" tall x 7.5" wide
Item Weight .04 lb.
Material: Nylon