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Large Capacity Bat House-5 Chamber

Huge Bat House accommodates 600 Bats with offspring.

Control Insects the natural way! Do they really work? You bet, provided the habitat is suitable.

Five-Chamber Bat Shelter is designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation. Constructed of weather-resistant cedar and 3/4-inch exterior plywood back. Features interior nylon mesh for comfortable bat maneuverability, and extended landing pad for easy entrance. Ventilation slot for air circulation provides greater temperature stability creating more suitable bat digs!

Although they may lean toward the mysterious and eerie, bats are the only flying mammal who's essential to the ecosystem. They play a huge role in earth's biodiversity through their pollination, seed dispersal, insect control and other eco-services. In places like rain forests, woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, deserts and even cities, bats play a critical role in the earth's well-being.

Attract beneficial bats to your yard with the OBC 5-Chamber Bat House and reduce insect populations without chemicals.
Holds Approximately 600 bats.
Made in the USA

Measures 24" x 21" x 7"
Item Weight 30.0 lb.
Material: Wood
USA Made