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Natural Log Front Birdhouses

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Nestlings are super-safe with this natural predator guard!

Rustic birdhouse is handcrafted in North Georgia from reclaimed materials and aged tin. An awesome nest site and roosting spot for feathered friends, the entry is cleverly concealed behind log's natural opening. Provides nestlings superior protection from elements, and predators.

Wood from 100-year old old barns and other structures are used to craft these unique birdhouses, all natural log front styles are one-of-kinds. Nature makes them most durable, complete with easy clean-out on back, signed by the artist.

Features a large base for easy mounting on a pole, post, or fence. 1.5-inch entrance is perfect for Eastern bluebirds, chickadees, wrens, titmice, nuthatches and others who would be happy to call this place home!.

Unusual log birdhouse creates a rustic focal point in the garden... guaranteed for many seasons of successful broods!

Measures Varies (see specs below)
Item Weight Approx. 6-8 lb.
Material: Wood, Tin
Handmade USA

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1A  20x14x11
2A  15x7x9
3A  13 x8x8.5
4A  12x7x8
5A  14x7x8
6A  14x7x7