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Rock Turtle Garden Sculptures Set/3

Rock Turtles add an element of surprise anywhere in the garden!

Each turtle sculpture is handmade of one large sealed rock for the body and shaped steel for head, legs and tail. May be displayed separately or paired with buddies.

Placed individually along a fence or walkway, or grouped together for an unusually fun accent, Rock Turtles add an artful touch to the garden.

Whimsical set of 3 rock turtles in natural earth tones complement a dry river bed, rock garden, porch, patio or steps... well suited anywhere in the landscape. Steel will patina to natural rusty finish.

Rock turtles make a swell gift for all nature enthusiasts too!

Available in set of 3 turtles.

Measures 8" Long x 5" wide x 4.25" tall
Item Weight 3.4 lb./Set
Materials: Rock, Steel
Handmade Mexico