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Squirrel Buster Plus with Optional Weather Guard

Keep pesky squirrels and bully birds out of your birdseed for good with the Squirrel Buster Plus!

Quality squirrel-proof feeder encourages smaller songbirds to eat in peace! Adjustable weight mechanism closes off access to squirrels and larger birds if desired. Features include vented seed tube to keep seed fresh, and attachable ring for accommodating cardinals. No batteries, no power stick to mess with.

Pole mount this feeder on any 1-inch garden pole, includes stainless steel mid-ring to thwart squirrels.Easy to clean and fill, Squirrel Buster Plus parts are dishwasher safe and totally rust-proof.3 quart capacity with hassle-free lifetime warranty!

Measures 24" x 7.75" x 6.75"

Optional weather guard protects birds and seed ports from rain, sleet or snow.
Measures 13" diameter x 2"