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Birding Tips and Resources

Gift Idea 11- The Gift of Zen Sculptures & Chimes December 17 2016

Because being outdoors promotes sanity...

Gift Idea 10- A Hanging Bird Bath to Soothe the Soul December 15 2016

Even if they have no yard at all... you can get someone hooked on birds by gifting a cool hanging bird bath!

Gift Idea 8- Recycled Metal Yard Art December 01 2016

Cows, and goats and chickens, oh my!  Fun stuff for the garden, metal yard art rocks for it's uniqueness and charming personality.

Gift Idea 7- Church Birdhouses or Rustic Bird House November 26 2016

Seeking a totally unique gift this holiday season? Find distinctive church birdhouses that are handmade and likely one-of-a-kind.

Gift Idea 6- Copper/Vinyl Birdhouse November 24 2016

A most impressive gift from small to tall, our copper roof birdhouses range from bluebird houses to purple martin mansions.

Gift Idea 3- Copper Bird Feeder November 15 2016

Know someone who's serious into feeding the birds?

Gift Idea 2- Garden Statuary, Chimes & Yard Art November 11 2016

Because being outdoors promotes sanity and relieves life's chaos, you can actually give some peace of mind and aesthetics wrapped up one cool gift... that lasts!

Copper Roof Birdhouse Featured in Southern Living! September 24 2015

It's not everyday your product appears in a national publication, so when it does... we think it deserves a mention!

Dovecote Birdhouse Myth Expounded September 16 2014

The term dovecote actually comes from England, many moons ago when people raised and trained homing pigeons - thereby domesticating the birds who were housed together.

NWF Certified Habitat Article February 20 2012

The National Wildlife Federation has a simple program that allows everyone to register their backyard or gardening area as "Certified Wildlife Habitat".